NOTE: This game is not intended to be played on mobile devices. You can use arrow keys to move as well as WASD. You may need to click the game window with your mouse before keyboard controls will work.

Welcome to Crabby's Reef where food is plenty for a hungry crab but so are the predators, equally hungry octopuses looking for a tasty crabby snack.

Navigate the maze to collect food and avoiding becoming food yourself. But life is going to get harder as the ocean becomes more acidic, dampening your senses and the ability to sniff out food and predators.

The game has a familiar classic arcade style, however, with each new level you are transported further into a potential future with an increasingly acidic ocean. How does this effect your ability to play the game?

Ocean acidification is climate change's evil twin. As the ocean absorbs carbon dioxide, it interacts with sea water to create carbonic acid. This gradually lowers the pH of the ocean environment, in turn making it harder for marine animals to smell food and predators.

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Jokes on you, I'm nearsighted, so I'm barely affected by ocean acidification.

They almost got me on level 1! Fun pacman spin.